Since launching our first site, Santa Chupitos, back in 2009, GSG Hospitality has been integral to transforming the hospitality scene in Liverpool and now Manchester, creating some of the most unique and award-winning venues. Founded by John Ennis and Matt Farrell, GSG Hospitality is one of the North's leading independent hospitality groups with a number of cocktail bars, restaurants, speciality coffee shops and food market.

Founders, John and Matt, along with the highly skilled team at GSG, have dedicated themselves to shaping Liverpool’s thriving dining and beverage landscape with our distinctive offerings. From urban smokehouses to the UK’s pioneering Rodizio pizzeria, high-end cocktail bars, and an underground mezcal hotspot, all to put Liverpool on the map as a destination for foodies and cocktail connoisseurs.

We currently operate 11 thriving establishments in Liverpool and Manchester, operating in both Birmingham and London with successful long term pop-ups, while more locations are poised to join our ever-expanding portfolio.

The ambition of our founders has been passed down to the hard working professional teams who all strive to bring the unique concepts to reality, with unrivalled service, high quality of food and drinks, and innovation and a passion for hospitality at the heart of it all.

We are proud to develop everything in house: from project planning, menus, interior design, and day-to-day running of all our venues – our dedicated team works hard to produce the best possible experience for all our guests. We are also delighted to be able to provide continuous professional development and training for all members of the GSG Hospitality team.

The founders’ ambitions have been instilled in our dedicated professional teams, all working tirelessly to bring these unique concepts to life. They uphold a commitment to unmatched service, top-quality food and beverages, innovation, and a profound passion for hospitality. Already in 2022, we introduced Bold Street Coffee at The Plaza as part of Bruntwood’s Pioneer building in Liverpool. In 2021, we celebrated significant accomplishments with the launch of Peppercat Sports and the openings of two Manchester establishments: Salt Dog Slims and Bold Street Coffee. With more venues set to open soon in Liverpool and Manchester, the future holds great promise for our dynamic brand.